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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crying with Laughter

Nobody warns you that when you become a parent your sense of humor might become a little "off". And despite the fact that we're human, proven by the fact that we have human offspring, the look a child will give you when you find something so hilarious that it makes you cry, well, it makes you cry even harder because that makes it even more hilarious.

There have been at least two occasion in which my children have witnessed me laughing until I cried. Once was when we were looking at a Pippy Longstockings movie and just recently it was while we were looking at an episode of the The Amazing World of Gumball (TM-Cartoon Network) . In this particular episode Gumball neglected to return a DVD that his mom had rented and instead of taking responsibility for his actions he tried to hide the many overdue notices from the rental store, despite his little brother's pleading that they just fess up.

The episode was hilarious because it reminded me of one or all of my wonderful children. I remember how they would try and scheme when they were little to either get something or hide something. And then too, it also reminded me of myself and my siblings growing up. Usually I was the culprit and least likely to take responsibility for things that went awry.

I needed the laughter yesterday. It wasn't that I felt bad or even that I felt good. I was in a blah zone, if there is such a thing. Laughing woke me up, brought back fond memories and I now have a new favorite cartoon to watch, with or without my kids and without fear of possibly crying with laughter.