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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Took A Deep Breath & Relaxed

It won't be long until this semester is over and summer will be upon us. It won't come too soon either because I'm tired of wearing my winter gear. Being able to leave out of the house with only a light jacket would be wonderful. But c'est la vie, this is Michigan and it does weather the way no other sane state seems to.

I believe I'm making significant progress in my ceramics class. So far I've gotten B's on three of my projects. There are more that need to be glazed and then submitted before I'll find out what my final grade will be. But I find the class to be refreshing...well now I do. The first two weeks of class I was on the verge of decided if I would keep it or drop it. I'm glad I stuck with it because it helps me with my other subjects.

No longer am I gritting my teeth and dreading my Algebra or Medical Terminology class and I owe it all to being able to pummel some clay during ceramics class. I can twist it, cut it, squeeze it, press it and it doesn't protest. In fact, the more I strive to accomplish, a better person I become. At first I tried to do all the projects within the allotted class time. When I couldn't that raised my stress levels. (This is when knowing how to read became very helpful.)

We are allowed to visit the art studio during lab times in order to finish our projects. Well, duh, that means I only had to come to campus when I didn't have a class in order to finish what I started. The notion of not having to rush allowed me to be more imaginative and to venture out of the norm. I literally sat at the table the first time I came to lab and took a deep breath before I started and amazingly enough my projects started looking better. Now that I've got the bug I don't want to stop but I'll save my new secret weapon for fall semester when I'll have to take Biology and possibly some other type of science class. Look at me now! ;-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nice to Take A Break

I stopped at my sis' house because I had some time to kill before it's time to pick up JP. Well, that's not the entire reason. I stopped over my sis' house because she usually has something yummy in her fridge that I can eat and I was hungry. And also because I could get online to check my FB account and appease my addiction to Backyard Monsters. Yeah, life gets exciting like that for me. LOL

Today I scored some homemade soup. Egg noodles, peas, carrots & nice sized pieces of chicken breast. Mmm, mmm good. Better than Campbell's soup any day of the year. I also ate half a roll of crackers. Did I mention that I was really hungry? I think my medical terminology class does that to me. I have to expend so much energy while learning that information that I have to take in calories afterwards. The class is a killer though. The last 15-20 minutes are spent struggling to stay awake. Not because the subject is boring but the way it's presented. The lights are off and we look at a PowerPoint for just about the whole time we are there. The teacher's voice is just loud enough for you to hear her at the back of the room but not grating enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. I've found myself and my classmates dozing off numerous times.

Once I accidentally kicked over my desk because I was yawning & stretching and I wanted to rest my foot on a bar under the desk. But it's not one of those full student desks, it's a half desk so my seat doesn't lend to the weight of it. The desk jerked forward and my book and some other stuff on my desk went skidding across the floor. I was mortified but it woke everyone up. The teacher even made a comment to that fact and momentarily proceeded with her lecture.

Anyways, it's about that time that I leave my sis' house and get on the road to pick up hubby. I missed him. The best part of my afternoon is riding home with him. And so I'm outta here! Laterz!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Between the rain, the crazy drivers, getting a breakfast sandwich that I can't eat and generally just feeling like blah this morning I was ready to blow a few gaskets. Stress will do that to you. It'll have you acting all kinds of crazy. Ready to get out of your vehicle and fight a stranger, cuss out your neighbors and possibly even stomp your breakfast (that's another story for another day, but it wasn't me that did it. LOL).

So while I was sitting here thinking about all the stuff that went wrong, I started thinking of all the stuff that has REALLY gone wrong lately. There are people right now that don't have food, water, housing, clothing and simply the basic necessities in life. They don't know where to get it or where it's coming from. Everything I need, I have and more. I'm blessed, so why am I stressing over such trivial things? I had to get my mind right. Pray and meditate before I started walking around here like some of these other folks with a jacked up attitude.

We are all allowed to have our feelings and to express them, but that shouldn't hinder yourself or anybody else. If it is then something needs to be changed, ASAP. So I'm going to take my blessed self and do something positive. I will find me a breakfast I can eat. I'm going to go into this studio and finish my class project with a calm mind. And I thank the Lord for all my many blessings, my family, friends and health. And I hope for you a blessed day also. ;-)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Need A Real Hobby

I need a real hobby, something I will enjoy and dedicate myself to, that is, besides harassing my husband. ;-)

I've always wanted to build a doll house but I never started because I wanted to be in my own home. A place where I knew I wouldn't have to move anytime soon because it would become a permanent fixture. And now that I've started taking ceramics class, I've gotten the bug and now I want to do more of that. Working with the clay has been therapeutic. And then there's my love for trains. How can I not incorporate trains into my collection of hobbies? But that brings up the space/home issue again.

And so I'm starting to see where my problem begins. I want to do so much but I haven't started one project yet. I've collected cows and teapots. One has nothing to do with the other and yet I remember the thrill of finding them and adding them to my collection. But it lacked the excitement I get from actually creating something with my hands. I used to draw, not sure why I stopped but when I try to draw now I have to laugh at myself. I once made a doll house, dolls with furniture included, out of a very large cardboard box using a steak knife. I played with it until my younger siblings destroyed it. But I've always been creative and now that my children are adults, I find that I have more time for myself and my imagination.

So what to do? I guess I'll know in the near future if I decide to do anything or not. I hope so, I'm looking forward to showing off my talent. :-D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Good Times & The Bad.

It always make me giggle to say that line from The Color Purple, "I's married now".

I married Mr. Porter on January 28th in Toledo and then we had another small ceremony with family and friends on February 12th at my sister's house. I adore this man. He keeps me smiling & laughing and if he loved me any more I think I would explode from all the happiness. ;-)

I'm still doing the college thing but plan to take a break this summer. I need the vacation because my mind has been heavily tasked over the past few months. First the planning of the wedding ceremony, then my general course load and just a few weeks ago my husband's mom passed.

She was a wonderful woman and I loved her dearly. She will be truly missed but the Lord saw fit to not have her suffer anymore from cancer. If it were within my power I would find the cure right now for such a horrible disease that has stolen the lives of so many. (My grandfather also passed due to cancer in 1991.)

So I'm outta here for now. Class starts soon and I need to be in my seat and paying attention. Finals are coming up and I need a solid A+ and I might even ask for some extra credit assignments if my grade isn't what I think it should be. Be well and have a pleasant and productive day. :-)