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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yeah, I was shouting but I finally remembered my who and what I posted my old blog under and now they are connected. Seems that I stopped writing back in 2006 and when I read over some of the older posts its not so bad that I did. But then again I'm supposed to be honest with myself and whoever reads these things, right?

Today has been a day of me driving up and down the streets and highways in search of my youngest child's immunization records. According to the documents I've been able to get my hands on she hasn't had any shots since 1997. Hmmm, then how has she been able to attend school for the past 11 years? I mean, it is state law that she has to have these things in order to attend school. The great thing is that she has a doctor's appointment this afternoon so after I type up this little diddy I'll be driving over to my other child's school to pick her up and then I'll be taking them both to the doctor. Hey, you know what would be really cool? If they both needed shots. (hee hee hee) Nah, not really because then I'd have to listen to them complain all night about being sore or sick or both. But I know for sure that the youngest will get at least one before the day is out.

So I'm outta here. One of these days I will post something useful to mankind. Until then you have this to chew on. ;-)