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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The timing of it all...

Just when I was wasting my life away playing on Facebook all day, my computer's power adapter decided to teach me a valuable lesson by literally showing it's ugly insides. I'm just not desperate enough to electrocute myself by plugging the adapter in and getting bit by electricity from those exposed wires. LOL

I won't have any real dough until later in the week and I do have more important matters to tend to with it, so unless I'm gifted an adapter or can find one for close to nothing, it'll be back to the library for me. And even then it will be a while because I don't feel comfortable being around other folks right now for any length of time. Between the coughing and general malaise I feel on a daily basis, I just think it's best for me to lessen my exposure to more germs until I get better.

It's 11:09pm...I need to put the kiddies to bed and I'm going to do something I haven't done in a couple of weeks...I'm going to finish reading The Prometheus Deception by Robert Ludlum. I'm only a quarter of the way through it and so far its good.