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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not Much Longer

I have this week to sleep in late and not do much, but next week I'll be back into the grind of college classes.  Yay?  Part of me is excited and ready to go.  The other part of me questions whether I really want to continue on the path I'm taking.  The thought that I could just go back to what I was doing before (office work) sometimes crosses my mind.  But then I remember what it was like to be an admin assistant and how I hated it.  It proved that just because you can do something well, it doesn't mean that you're meant to do it for life.  I loved the people I worked with, I thoroughly enjoy using office supplies (really I do) but I felt boxed in, trapped and in the end I became miserable.

I'm going to seriously have to look into some options for employment in the field I plan to enter, which will be a challenge because experience and knowing someone is what gets your foot in the door of the medical industry.  I'll have to pray on it and my level of enthusiasm for classes this semester.  And in the meantime, I'll go and practice on my guitar.  I have songs to learn and to teach others.  And maybe a little breakfast would help my outlook too.