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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last Week of Semester

I took an exam on Monday and I kid you not, my head felt like it was about to fall off. I tried my best though. I answered what I could and guessed at some others but I don't know folks. I don't feel like I did well enough to pass this class...this semester. My mind seems to clutter with all kinds of information when I'm taking a test. So I'll be talking to the professor momentarily to see if I even need to attend class this afternoon and on Monday for the final exam. Because if I'm not going to pass, I really don't want to spend the rest of my day on campus even if it is raining outside. I could be cleaning my house or aggravating my sister at her house.

My grade point average will suffer slightly but I did very well in my Ceramics class and I'm on my way to a B in my Medical Terminology class so not all is lost in the way of my grades. This has been the hardest semester yet. So much has transpired within the last six months. I'm wanting this week to be over already.