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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain. Again. But it's May...

I'm not really complaining. I know that rain serves a purpose. It's something we need to survive or plants won't grow and some places wouldn't have drinking water. But it just doesn't seem to want to stop raining. I always thought the saying that goes April showers brings May flowers, meant that it would rain like crazy in April but by May we would have sunshine. That has not been the case. A couple of nice, sunny warm days and then the rest of the week has been wet and dreary. I'm extremely grateful that we haven't had the major flooding here that some states have experienced. And also for them I pray that the rain ceases, for just a while.

Driving on the highway in the morning is the worst. The sun isn't fully risen and not only is it raining but the water spray from all the vehicles on the road sends up a fine mist of water that makes the entire area gray. The street lights don't even seem to penetrate the gloom. The anxiety of having to drive through it can sometimes be enough to make a person want a drink and/or smoke after they've gotten to their destination. You just hope and pray that the person in front of, behind, and on the sides of you value their life as much as you value yours, and that they don't try to pull an high speed stunt along the way. I personally believe that a person, intentionally, doing 75+ mph in the rain has a death wish. On dry pavement it would be hard enough to stop, let alone a road that may have puddles of standing water.

Besides all that I want to break out with the spring gear. I want to wear cute spring jackets or sweaters, Capri pants and open toe/heel shoes. I want to go outside without worrying about my hair turning into what would resemble a giant brown cotton ball (Yeah, that doesn't sound pleasant at all does it?). Having an ice cream cone or just being able to eat outside at a cafe would be a nice change of pace. So all in all. I'm ready for the rain to cease. Just for a bit. Maybe it can come back another day. Like on a sweltering June day, when it seems like water was never invented and then all of a sudden the skies burst open and everything is back in balance once again.