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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Feeling Like A Whiny Baby but...

I haven't been feeling well since Friday afternoon.  I thought that if I drank a bunch of water it would help, it didn't.  I took Tylenol, it didn't help.  I've slept for hours on end, eaten a decent meal and even had large cups of herbal teas, it hasn't helped.  And so I feel like a whiny baby.  I want attention to be paid to me, to be waited on hand and foot.  I want to rest my head on my husbands chest for a moment, maybe even be hugged.  And then again I don't want anyone close to me.  How's that for being wishy-washy?

The problem is that my body aches.  It hurts, at moments, to touch my hair.  Yes, my hair.  The same hair that needs the prompt and adept attention of a stylist.  But if I can't touch it without feeling pain then no one else will either.  One minute I'm hot, then I'm cold almost as if I were standing outside in this wonderful winter weather we are having.  My bones creak and pop when I move.  There are some spots on my skin that hurt even though there is no visible trauma.

I have peaks of energy.  I can sit up for a while and then I feel, nope, I better lay down before I fall out.  This morning I could barely walk upright but I pushed through it so that I could make sure I had something to eat.  Now these aren't complaints if you thought they were.  They are just observations because while I sit here on this laptop, fully aware of my surroundings, in my right mind and am able to communicate there are others that I know of that can't do any of this.  Some are so sick that they are literally dying as I type this.

So you know what, I can't complain.  I refuse to complain because it could be worse and there was a time when it was worse.  Even though people don't always have to be suffering from an illness before they will pass away from this earth, I would like to believe that I'll see tomorrow.  There are some who are holding on to only a few more minutes right now.

So I pray peace and comfort to anyone experiencing pains right now. Whether it be from a small injury to old age or something more serious such as recent surgeries to cancer.  I hope that you can find something pleasant and redeeming to think about in the very hour that you might feel your worse.  I hope that you have hope and I hope that you have support, love and understanding from those around you.

Peace and Blessings.