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Monday, January 11, 2010

And away we go!

Dropped my daughter at the airport earlier today so that she could return to college. It was nice to be able to see and talk to her, maybe next time when she comes home she'll be a little more active and I'll be a little less active so that we can spend more quality time together.

Right now I'm waiting on my oldest to get off work, she's pulling one of those evening to the break of dawn shifts so I can't take my sleep meds unless she's planning on walking home. Hah! That's a joke folks, it's 12 degrees outside, I would never make my babies walk in the cold if I have any say in it.

I also came up with an idea over dinner while talking to my oldest and if things work out as I pray they will, we should both have our own vehicles in the coming weeks. The Lord knows what we need and he will provide, I believe it! We both have school, she has work and I will get myself some form of employment THIS year so we need two vehicles.

My youngest has oral surgery tomorrow to remove her wisdom teeth. This should be fun...for who, I don't know yet but we'll see who's laughing when it's all over with. She gets to go to school first to get her assignments for the day and possibly tomorrow. But who knows, she might be able to return to school on Tuesday but how lucid will she be in class, that's the real question. LOL I can't send the girl to school buzzed up on Tylenol 3's or anything like that.

The only issue I have is that my first day of class also starts but I won't be able to go since I have to take her to get her teeth removed. I'll have to make an appearance beforehand and see if I can get the syllabus for the class and turn it in later. Anyway it goes this week is going to be an adventure for us all. School, work, doc appointments and my last day of sleep study. It's hard to believe it's been a whole year since I began that program, it went by so fast.