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Friday, January 22, 2010

Taking a short break from studying...

Whew! The information I have to take in isn't hard, it's just a lot of it to retain. I'll do English and Stress Management today and on Sunday I'll do Psychology & Math. I guess it's a good thing the chapters I'm reading are on relaxation and meditation techniques. LOL
I need to seriously look at my setup for where I study. I can't do it here when the kids are around because they want to look at tv or play music & games on the computer. I get distracted too easily. Like the other day, I should have been studying and instead got caught up looking at Word Girl on tv. Yes, I understand that I'm almost 40 but I'm a big kid inside and that show amuses me. LOL
Anyways, now that I have set my goals into place, I have my Lorna Doone cookies and my last cup of coffee for the day, I can get back to the tasks before me. Because once I'm done with that my next challenge will be to make some payment arrangements and to get myself ready for the weekend (Round 2 with my little niece).