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Friday, February 5, 2010

It's February and I don't heart it.

Are people really that afraid to say the word "love" these days? I noticed the trend a while back but I figured that maybe it was just a text messaging/Internet thing. But then that never really made sense either seeing as how heart is a longer word than love.

So what exactly does "I heart you." mean? Is it a cutesy way of telling someone you love them? Is it telling that person that you care about them but you don't LOVE LOVE them? Or as I inquired before, is it a way of saying you love a person without having to say love and then possibly face some kind of humiliation or rejection if that person doesn't respond in the same way?

With the dreaded Valentines Day coming up I'm sure I'll see more and more I heart you's around. And I'll admit that I'm not a hopeless romantic and so the whole romantic notions thing causes me to roll my eyes and sigh in disgust often. LOL I don't appreciate the fact that the local media wants to play into it either. Sappy love stories in the news, sappy love movies on the tube, pink and red advertisements being stuffed in my mailbox trying to convince me that I need to buy chocolates, flowers and other gifts for those I gets to be a bit much.

But don't get me wrong, if I were invited out to dinner or a movie and if someone gave me a gift I would accept it. I would find it sweet that that person thought enough of me to get me something but I wouldn't want anyone to feel obligated to do so. Their friendship and company would be enough. So it really bothered me to hear certain persons whining about not having anyone to share Valentines Day with. Everyday is Valentines, everyday is a day to love and appreciate those friends and family around you so I don't want to hear any nonsense about not having a date. If you didn't have a date in December or January then not having one in February shouldn't be that big of a deal. Unless you're trying to find a mate so that you can quickly marry and reproduce; and you need to do it before this particular holiday or else your reproductive organs will shrivel and die. Geez, please relax or I might have to slap you.

Anyway, this was just another PSA notifying others that I really hate holidays. Most of them. Yeah, pretty much all of them except Thanksgiving. ;-D