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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Good Times & The Bad.

It always make me giggle to say that line from The Color Purple, "I's married now".

I married Mr. Porter on January 28th in Toledo and then we had another small ceremony with family and friends on February 12th at my sister's house. I adore this man. He keeps me smiling & laughing and if he loved me any more I think I would explode from all the happiness. ;-)

I'm still doing the college thing but plan to take a break this summer. I need the vacation because my mind has been heavily tasked over the past few months. First the planning of the wedding ceremony, then my general course load and just a few weeks ago my husband's mom passed.

She was a wonderful woman and I loved her dearly. She will be truly missed but the Lord saw fit to not have her suffer anymore from cancer. If it were within my power I would find the cure right now for such a horrible disease that has stolen the lives of so many. (My grandfather also passed due to cancer in 1991.)

So I'm outta here for now. Class starts soon and I need to be in my seat and paying attention. Finals are coming up and I need a solid A+ and I might even ask for some extra credit assignments if my grade isn't what I think it should be. Be well and have a pleasant and productive day. :-)