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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nice to Take A Break

I stopped at my sis' house because I had some time to kill before it's time to pick up JP. Well, that's not the entire reason. I stopped over my sis' house because she usually has something yummy in her fridge that I can eat and I was hungry. And also because I could get online to check my FB account and appease my addiction to Backyard Monsters. Yeah, life gets exciting like that for me. LOL

Today I scored some homemade soup. Egg noodles, peas, carrots & nice sized pieces of chicken breast. Mmm, mmm good. Better than Campbell's soup any day of the year. I also ate half a roll of crackers. Did I mention that I was really hungry? I think my medical terminology class does that to me. I have to expend so much energy while learning that information that I have to take in calories afterwards. The class is a killer though. The last 15-20 minutes are spent struggling to stay awake. Not because the subject is boring but the way it's presented. The lights are off and we look at a PowerPoint for just about the whole time we are there. The teacher's voice is just loud enough for you to hear her at the back of the room but not grating enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. I've found myself and my classmates dozing off numerous times.

Once I accidentally kicked over my desk because I was yawning & stretching and I wanted to rest my foot on a bar under the desk. But it's not one of those full student desks, it's a half desk so my seat doesn't lend to the weight of it. The desk jerked forward and my book and some other stuff on my desk went skidding across the floor. I was mortified but it woke everyone up. The teacher even made a comment to that fact and momentarily proceeded with her lecture.

Anyways, it's about that time that I leave my sis' house and get on the road to pick up hubby. I missed him. The best part of my afternoon is riding home with him. And so I'm outta here! Laterz!