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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Between the rain, the crazy drivers, getting a breakfast sandwich that I can't eat and generally just feeling like blah this morning I was ready to blow a few gaskets. Stress will do that to you. It'll have you acting all kinds of crazy. Ready to get out of your vehicle and fight a stranger, cuss out your neighbors and possibly even stomp your breakfast (that's another story for another day, but it wasn't me that did it. LOL).

So while I was sitting here thinking about all the stuff that went wrong, I started thinking of all the stuff that has REALLY gone wrong lately. There are people right now that don't have food, water, housing, clothing and simply the basic necessities in life. They don't know where to get it or where it's coming from. Everything I need, I have and more. I'm blessed, so why am I stressing over such trivial things? I had to get my mind right. Pray and meditate before I started walking around here like some of these other folks with a jacked up attitude.

We are all allowed to have our feelings and to express them, but that shouldn't hinder yourself or anybody else. If it is then something needs to be changed, ASAP. So I'm going to take my blessed self and do something positive. I will find me a breakfast I can eat. I'm going to go into this studio and finish my class project with a calm mind. And I thank the Lord for all my many blessings, my family, friends and health. And I hope for you a blessed day also. ;-)