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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Took A Deep Breath & Relaxed

It won't be long until this semester is over and summer will be upon us. It won't come too soon either because I'm tired of wearing my winter gear. Being able to leave out of the house with only a light jacket would be wonderful. But c'est la vie, this is Michigan and it does weather the way no other sane state seems to.

I believe I'm making significant progress in my ceramics class. So far I've gotten B's on three of my projects. There are more that need to be glazed and then submitted before I'll find out what my final grade will be. But I find the class to be refreshing...well now I do. The first two weeks of class I was on the verge of decided if I would keep it or drop it. I'm glad I stuck with it because it helps me with my other subjects.

No longer am I gritting my teeth and dreading my Algebra or Medical Terminology class and I owe it all to being able to pummel some clay during ceramics class. I can twist it, cut it, squeeze it, press it and it doesn't protest. In fact, the more I strive to accomplish, a better person I become. At first I tried to do all the projects within the allotted class time. When I couldn't that raised my stress levels. (This is when knowing how to read became very helpful.)

We are allowed to visit the art studio during lab times in order to finish our projects. Well, duh, that means I only had to come to campus when I didn't have a class in order to finish what I started. The notion of not having to rush allowed me to be more imaginative and to venture out of the norm. I literally sat at the table the first time I came to lab and took a deep breath before I started and amazingly enough my projects started looking better. Now that I've got the bug I don't want to stop but I'll save my new secret weapon for fall semester when I'll have to take Biology and possibly some other type of science class. Look at me now! ;-)