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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Need A Real Hobby

I need a real hobby, something I will enjoy and dedicate myself to, that is, besides harassing my husband. ;-)

I've always wanted to build a doll house but I never started because I wanted to be in my own home. A place where I knew I wouldn't have to move anytime soon because it would become a permanent fixture. And now that I've started taking ceramics class, I've gotten the bug and now I want to do more of that. Working with the clay has been therapeutic. And then there's my love for trains. How can I not incorporate trains into my collection of hobbies? But that brings up the space/home issue again.

And so I'm starting to see where my problem begins. I want to do so much but I haven't started one project yet. I've collected cows and teapots. One has nothing to do with the other and yet I remember the thrill of finding them and adding them to my collection. But it lacked the excitement I get from actually creating something with my hands. I used to draw, not sure why I stopped but when I try to draw now I have to laugh at myself. I once made a doll house, dolls with furniture included, out of a very large cardboard box using a steak knife. I played with it until my younger siblings destroyed it. But I've always been creative and now that my children are adults, I find that I have more time for myself and my imagination.

So what to do? I guess I'll know in the near future if I decide to do anything or not. I hope so, I'm looking forward to showing off my talent. :-D