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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Girls with Hair & Me...Oh my!

Today started out okay, seeing as how I didn't go to bed until some time after 4 a.m. I woke the kids one by one, starting with the one who is the hardest to get moving. There was a kid in every room. Showers were taken, teeth brushed, and clothes put on. Things were going smoothly until it was time for the girls to do their hair. I always groan when it comes to that part.

Not only does it take forever for them to decide what style to wear their hair in, often the chaos of those decisions are evidenced by the things left behind. My bathroom sink, which really can only hold the toothbrush holder, the rinse cup and the liquid soap dispenser, is often overrun with hair care products. Spritz, oil sheen, combs, brushes, rubber bands, head bands and any other number of things that perch precariously on the edge of the counter. Things that can't find any available space on the counter might end up on the floor next to the sink or bath tub. Did I mention that my apartment is very small? My bathroom accommodates two people very uncomfortably, unless that other person is standing in the bathtub.

If only it would end there...the hair things spills from the bathroom and ends up in my room, their room, the living room and EEK!, the dining area. Ugh. That sends me on a rampage of the major league kind. But do they care? Heck no, all I get are looks, sighs and the response of "Mom, I'm gonna get it, just chill." My once clean and somewhat tidy apartment then looks as if it were invaded by aliens disguised as hair care products bottles, can, jars and whatnot's (my own version of Decepticons). It takes a while before I can unclench my jaw as I try to take deep breaths through my teeth. They call it OCD, I call it keeping stuff contained to one area, and especially out of areas where people eat.

So anyway, after all of that and them picking up after themselves ever so enthusiastically, we got out of the house 15 minutes later than we needed to be. I tried my best not to drive down the highway like a mad woman because I talk about drivers like that. I'm doing my best not to be the kind of driving I rag on. We make it to the appointment 6 minutes late and once I kick everyone out of my vehicle at the door, then go park, I can finally breathe normally.

Can you believe after all of that they still didn't finish what they had planned to do for their hairstyles? When we get back to my place they intend to break out the curling irons, flat irons, straightening combs and all the things I had fussed about before. I think I will take that opportunity to take a walk with my nephew. We can go to the local library or park. Anywhere, as long as there aren't any girls there doing hair.