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Monday, August 10, 2009

So far, so good.

Well my trip to Alabama has been quite wonderful, despite my broken A/C in the van. In 90+ degree weather we survived the stop & go of construction on the highways and we made it in good time. It seemed like I wouldn't be able to get much done, as far as registering my daughter for school but even that moved more smoothly than I initial believed it could. But tomorrow will be the real test of my patience as we move from line to line to get her classes picked out and get her, hopefully, moved into her dorm room.

Today we did some shopping at a few thrift stores and just like in any store where I have to try on clothing, it was very interesting but I did get a couple of outfits and some shoes. I'm not a shopper so I saw the task as something to be dreaded, but unfortunately, the clothes I brought with me are not adequate for this kind of weather. I'm used to the cooler MI weather, even when it had gotten hot it wasn't like this so I needed something "cooler".

We also had lunch chinese food at a nice buffet and after all the shopping and errand running we went for a swim before the rain came. My cousin cooked a delicious dinner (I love my family, they can cook...LOL) and in a few moments I will check out some info on the web, gather my children to me and then we will head back to my other cousin's house where we are staying for the duration of our trip to get ready for bed.

It's been a full day and I'm satisfied.