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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ok, I think things are settled down now

It took me about a week to recover from that trip to AL. As soon as the following Monday rolled around I hit the ground running trying to get my youngest child registered into a new school. Fun? No. Educational? Somewhat. I learned a new kind of patience and I'm still getting lessons on it.

So what's new? I haven't actually talked to the child that I left in AL for a couple of days but she has a Facebook page so I know that she's okay. The youngest child has accepted that she is definitely, without any question going to the school I'm working so hard to get her in whether she believes it will be good for her or not. I will not accept underachievement from her. It's a good school, nothing like the last couple of schools she came from and I don't believe I will have to worry about her safety (as seem to have gone loco these days). My oldest child will be returning from CA...yes, that's an intended pause. LOL

I had gotten used to the idea of having just two of us in the house. That meant that once she graduated and I shipped her off to college then I would be in the house by myself. That was a pretty sweet outlook for me. Still young, no kids in the house, possibly more traveling in my future to see my friends who still have young kids and can't travel as well. Yeah, that was my dream. So my oldest child coming back changed the picture somewhat.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love all of my children and I want them all to be with me if that means they will be happy and safe. To be truthful, I was more worried about her not being with me probably because I couldn't really see where she was progressing. I want to see and hear about progress, I think all parents do once their children are out of the home. And if those children come back you still don't expect it to be permanent. I, expect that I will help to guide her into becoming more independent, self-sufficient and she will want to leave and explore the world like I wanted to when I was her age. I loved my mom but I did not want to be with her any longer than I had to (around 19 I was ready to go).

So this event will also change how their bedroom will be set up. The middle girl shared a room with me. I don't know why or how that happened but I'm grown now and I would like my own room. LOL I've been sharing rooms with people since I was born, from the cradle to sharing a room with my sister up until she had her firstborn and not too soon after that I had mine and then I was sharing a room with a husband and a baby. I'm not saying I want to be alone right now, I just want my own space. I'm screaming ME! ME! ME! So my mission is to purchase or somehow get a bunk bed to place into their room. They are teenagers and I'm sure they don't want to sleep together anymore than I do.

Other than this, my next objective is to get my laptop fixed. It crashed on me, I don't know if any of the docs I had on it can be recovered and that sucks for me in so many ways. I'll have to rebuild my spreadsheets and my calendar. I'm thinking I backed up my stories and pictures to my flash drive and some CD's so hopefully I'm safe there. But this should be a lesson to me to back up every time I make changes instead of every once in a while like I had been. It also means that I have to spend more time at the library, maybe having to wait for a computer if I don't get there early enough.

I don't really have the money for the repairs right now. I'm getting rent, lights and misc. together before I get kicked out or my stuff gets repossessed/shut off. I do know, however, that the Lord has my back so I'm not worried about it, it's just something I have to do on a monthly basis. I'm thankful to have creditors who are willing to work with me and let me make partial payments. I'm trying hard to clean up the mess that is my credit after years of neglect. After all, if I'm gonna be doing all this traveling I'm dreaming about, I can't be worried about if I'll have a place to come back to or a vehicle to drive there in.

So as my friend Percy likes to say at the end of a conversation, Peace and Blessings...yes, I want them both please. ;-)